Peer Learning

Peer-Learning means learning between cities as equals!

The objectives of peer-learning are the transfer of knowledge, skills and experience from one municipality to others. This can entail technical assistance to solve specific municipal challenges, benchmarking to inspire change, or other forms of peer support.

During a peer-learning event, participants listen actively and share their stories and experiences. Participants are students and advisers at the same time which makes a peer-learning event different to “classical” forms of learning where the student has a more passive role.

Since the first peer learning exchange in Durban in 2011, UCLG has been promoting peer learning as a platform for sharing experiences and enhancing capacity building. Reporting the outcomes of learning events is essential to guarantee the knowledge transfer. Therefore we prepare and publish reports, – “Peer-Learning Notes”, for each event to make the acquired knowledge accessible for everybody accessible.

In this sense we also indicate the use platform, developed by Berlim and Metropolis. There you can find a vast range of successful urban public policies and solutions, contact their focal points and implement future Peer-Learning.

Key objectives of Peer-Learning

Transferring knowledge, skills and experience from one Local and Regional Government to another

Providing technical assistance to solve specific municipal challenges

Facilitating benchmarking and fostering peer-support

PLN 1 Governance and Urban Development
PLN 02 Integrating Lessons of Housing Policies
PLN 03 Maputo Hygiene Health And Markets
PLN 04 Mentoring Story Johannesburg Lilongwe
PLN 05 Intermediary Cities South Africa Learning Exchange
PLN 06 Decentralized Cooperation Brazil and Mozambique
PLN 07 Regional Planning Based on Intermediary Cities Santa Fe
PLN 08 Strategic Planning and Management of Public Services
PLN 09 Searching for the promised land of Public Space
PLN 10 Inclusive Cadastre and Urban Planning Inhambane
PLN 11 Strengthening LED through Urban-Rural Policies
PLN 12 Public Space and Citizenship Porto Alegre
PLN 13 Urban-Rural Policies for the Promotion of Decent Work Pasto
PLN 14 Exchange of experiences about Local Economy Borgou
PLN 15 Public Space as a Generator of growth in African cities Blantyre
PLN 16 SDG 8 Setting the scene in Asia for SDGs Sri Lanka
PLN 17 Inclusive Development Policies Santa Fé
PLN 18 SDGs 11 and 16 Durban-Joburg-Sri Lanka
PLN 19 Public Services Brazil-Barcelona
PLN 20 Social Cohesion and Dialogue Lisboa
PLN 21 Power from Urban Transformation through Social and Solidarity Economy Montreal
PLN 22 Revitalizing Cultural Heritage Jakarta
PLN 23 Sustainable Use of Terrestrial Ecosystems Amazonian Cities
PLN 24 Disaster Risk Reduction: Localizing the Sendai Framework, Surabaya
PLN 25 Urban Migration and Civil Society Sfax
PLN 26 Climate Resilience and Urban Development Niteroi ENG
PLN 26 Climate Resilience and Urban Development Niteroi ESP
PLN 26 Climate Resilience and Urban Development Niterói POR
PLN 27 Urban Resilience and Sustainability ENG
PLN 27 Resiliencia urbana y Sustenabilidad ESP
Decentralized Cooperation to Democratize the City Brazil-Mozambique 2015