Practical ways to revitalize the old historic city center in Jakarta



The government of Jakarta, UCLG ASPAC (Asia Pacific Region), UCLG learning team, Culture 21 and Connective Cities collaboratively coordinated Regional Peer Learning and Action Planning Workshop in Jakarta from 17 to 19 July, 2017, in Jakarta City Hall. Through the workshop, the Jakarta City government aimed to find the practical ways to revitalize the old historic city center, Kota Tua, and apply it for UNESCO Cultural Heritage, as well as to improve the public space.

The event began with the field visit of Kota Tua. The Dutch governor┬┤s building and the other buildings were preserved and used as historical museums. The visit to the site motivated participants to discuss actively in the following sessions. Then, the participants moved to Kalijodo, a newly built public space. Once, the area was notorious for the drug trafficking, prostitution, etc., but by building a new park for the youngsters (skateboarding park) and children, and giving education to the residence helped this area to convert to as one of the main places people want to visit.

The formal opening followed in the afternoon with the keynote speeches on the challenges of urban regeneration and heritage management in the historical center, as well as the presentations of the Kota Tua and the public space of Kalijodo. The Jakarta City government paid high attention to the workshop and a director from Jakarta City government requested the event to provide clear and practical recommendations.

The second day was dedicated to practitioner exchange. The invited peer cities had prepared presentations and posters to build the gallery of practices. After generally introducing the city cases, the participants looked on the posters and exchanged their opinions. Then the participants were divided into 2 groups; Nuernberg, Guangzhou, Surakarta, Makati, and Bogor as group 1, and Vigan, Tuebingen, Surabaya, Essen, and Semarang as group 2. The two groups had a full day to share their cases and exchanged the experiences deeply.

The last day was devoted to build recommendations the Jakarta City government on the preservation and regeneration of historical center of Kota Tua. The peers from the cities and the experts pointed out that the political commitment and the stakeholder involvement is important, and the communication between the departments, integrated plan in long term view and step-by-step implementation are the another points recommended.

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