Ouagadougou hosts a training on SDGs Localizing, Planning and Reporting the SDGs

UCLG Africa and the African Local Governments Academy (ALGA), in collaboration with UCLG World Secretariat, organized a training of trainers on SDGs Localizing in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso on the last June 16th and 17th. UCLG Learning and GOLD facilitated together, for the first time, contents from the Module 1 (on SDGs awareness raising and localizing), Module 2 (SDGs planning) and the upcoming Module 3 (SDGs monitoring and reporting). The training sessions counted with the presence of mayors, local public technicians, local government associations, civil society, international organizations and national government representatives from Burkina Faso, Mali and Togo.

The first day, opened by the municipality of Ouagadougou, was dedicated to the SDGs awareness raising, localizing and development planning. The national associations of municipalities in Burkina Faso and Mali presented their own experiences related to SDGs implementation. Participants were invited to contribute through exercises and workshops on alignment of local policies with the SDGs, cartography of local stakeholders, advocacy and planning activities related to the SDG principles.

The second day focused on the SDG monitoring and reporting activities of local and regional governments and their national associations to the UN High Level Political Forum. More specifically, participants shared their views on the opportunities and challenges related to their involvement in the preparation of Voluntary National Reviews and Local Voluntary Reviews. The Permanent Secretary of National Economic and Social Development Plan and the Ministry responsible for preparing this year’s Burkina Faso National Review outlined the national perspectives on SDGs monitoring and reporting.

As next steps, key recommendations to local and national governments have been identified to accelerate the localization of the SDGs. The participants also received Training Kits in French, with the modules 1 and 2, and the contents of Module 3, with the aim to multiply training courses with their municipalities and communities.


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