Learning Sessions - 13 October 2016

UCLG’s strategic mandate is to support the learning amongst members by promoting decentralized cooperation and peer-to-peer ties between regional and local governments and their associations. It is important to note that the UCLG Learning Agenda is demand driven and aims at strengthening policy of the world organization and its members. Special attention is given to engagement of members from the global South. The on-site sharing of knowledge, practices and challenges presents a unique opportunity for participants to learn from others.
“Cities learn by building the work on common problems, dealing with local community needs and demands, and finding innovative responses. In that sense, each city functions as a “lab” of experiences to the others.” 
Maria Regina Rau de Souza, Technical Chair of the UCGL Committee on Urban Stretegic Planning, City of Porto Alegre.

Learning Forum - Practical Session: Strategic facilitation - 13 October 2016: 9:00 – 10:30

Facilitation is essential for any learning event. Facilitators carry the responsibility to ensure that the audience, the methodology, and the speakers are linked together. In order to be efficient, facilitators need a series of soft skills to share observations, gather outcomes, plan and adjust the learning methodologies to meet the needs and achieve the expected results. For these reasons, this session will be a training workshop on “The Art of Strategic Facilitation”. In this workshop participants will actively explore some of the essential skills for good facilitation. MILE will coordinate this workshop.

Co-Organizers: MILE

Learning Forum - Practical Session on Mobility - 13 October 2016: 11:00 – 12:30

The Learning session on Mobility facilitates the exchange among cities’ representatives and their learning from experience. It focuses on different issues of urban transport systems and urban mobility. To this regard, a participatory method, using a mixture of Gallery of Good Practices and Practitioners’ corner will shape the workshop. In each of the tables of this learning session speakers will present a local Good Practice. One poster will be designed to present each Good Practice stressing on a visual technique instead of presentations. There will be different posters all including the following structure to present the practice:1. The starting point, 2. The institutional setting, 3. The approach, 4. The outcome, 5. The lessons learnt, 6. The Transfer opportunities of a Good Practice.

Co-Organizers: - Connective Cities

Learning Forum: Concepts and trends - 13 October 2016: 18:00 – 19:30 

The session will set the scene and provide a general understanding of the importance of learning for professionals and leaders, specifically in local governments. The session will share some insights about the importance of the concept of learning behaviour and learning within cities. It will be also the opportunity to explore the challenges we haves as a learning network and link learning to decentralized cooperation.

Through a discussion with all the participants, the session will explore the way ahead for the UCLG Learning Agenda and remind the key elements for learning: work with good strategies, have quality facilitation and build partnerships. Learning is part of a general evolution in society, in mind-sets, in relations, in communication, in decision making, in marketing, and last but not least, in the ways services are provided in responds to the changing demands.