Building strategies with UCLG ASPAC for SDG localization



The Training of Trainers Workshop for UCLG ASPAC staff took place in the ASPAC office on 16 July, 2017 in Jakarta( Indonesia). The main purpose was to exchange the experience on localizing SDGs and to introduce the SDG toolkit for localizing SDGs in local governments. SDG toolkit is a series of tools for local governments and their associations developed by UCLG through the Global Taskforce and, together with UN Habitat and UNDP agencies. Dynamic methods, especially moderation and facilitation skills were practiced by more than15 participants from ASPAC office.

In the morning, UCLG learning team shared the topics such as the importance of localizing SDGs, awareness raising and the importance of advocacy. Being an association of the Asia Pacific region, they agreed especially on the importance of advocacy. The advocacy pentagon was introduced to explain that advocacy is made of not only communication among the members but of important factors such as knowledge & data to build evidence, transparency & accountability to build alliances with stakeholders, networking to join forces, and multi-level governance. 

The workshop continued with the moderation simulation. It was to give some challenging situation to the moderator and share how to cope with that situation. It was interesting activity as all the participants shared the experiences and tips for the better moderation.

The afternoon was devoted to work for the stakeholder mapping and SDG alignment exercises. Dividing into 2 groups, ASPAC staff talked on the relationship between the goal and targets of SDGs and the government projects, identifying the possible stakeholders and to connect them with their possible roles in certain project.

It was a good chance for the participants to understand the SDG toolkit and to share the importance of the current issue as well as to think on the strategies for SDG localization in the context of Asia-Pacific region.