Base Plan– An inclusive planning instrument for intermediate cities


The Base Plan methodology is now available at the Base Plan website! Some of our members have been already working for years with this approach but now all this knowledge has been gathered and is now available for everybody.

The Base Plane Network, where UCLG is part of, proudly announces the launch of the Plan Base methodology; an integrated, physical and strategic planning document. The Plan Base is simple and flexible and seeks to respond to the challenges of inclusive planning in the world's intermediate cities.

In cities in which there are no instruments for urban planning, the Base Plan seeks to cover this need and to pave the way for later stages of more complex urban planning. In cities that already have official instruments of urban planning, the Base Plan can be used to revise existing actions with a view to ensuring greater inclusion and sustainability.

The Base Plan represents the urban agenda and with respect to that, is uses clear and simple language, which is easy to understand. The physical components of urban planning and strategic projects come together in a single map that provides us with a comprehensive vision of the city and its development

As an instrument of social justice and inclusion, urban planning must serve to create and redistribute wealth and, at the same time, must guarantee environmental, economic and social sustainability for future generations. The Base Plan seeks to give substance to this at both of these levels: it is presented as an instrument for the inclusive and sustainable planning of intermediate cities.

The Plan Base has been already successfully tested in several intermediary cities in Mozambique. The experiences made in practice have been reported in the publication: “Workshop Plano Base – Nampula.  Some of the results have also been incorporated in the new flyer of the Base Plan Network. For more Information concerning the Plan Base, the network and recent examples of plans and action visit