Learning Games

SDG Games

At UCLG Learning, we recognize the importance of both formal and non-formal learning as ways of instilling a critical understanding of the SDGs in people of all ages. Therefore we develop games that can provide a means of learning about sustainable development in a fun and engaging way. Our games have been tested repeatedly in our learning activities and can be used in a variety of settings- from local youth groups to local government level.


SDG Memory

The SDG Memory was designed by UCLG and launched in early 2017, to raise awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This memory card game aims to inspire local action while familiarizing participants with the 17 SDGs. Each card has an image of a local solution to a global challenge, guaranteeing the stimulation of knowledge sharing and learning. Moreover, the practices showcased in the card game can inspire further ideas in participants about how to localize the SDGs in their area, thereby enriching local, regional and global knowledge.

Find bellow the printable version of our Memory Game, for you to download, print and play!


Role Game about the Circular Economy

The role game is based on the example of municipal waste management and provides a simple but realistic insight in the challenges of integrated management on the local level. The aim is to show that sustainable solutions for the municipality require the involvement and the commitment of local actors. Furthermore, inspired by the efforts of our members, the game presents the circular economy as practice that promotes local and sustainable development while optimizing the use of resources. This effort can be directly linked to the Sustainable Development Goal 12: responsible production and consumption.

This game is also available here. Try it yourself!