Learning Forum



The Learning Forum is a space for the discussion, creation and implementation of new local learning methodologies and strategic partnerships between our members, universities and citizenship.

Our last presential meeting, the IV Learning Forum, took place in Durban, during the UCLG World Congress. After a long consultation process within our learning community and partners, our Learning Forum in Durban was an open space to think about how and what we have done so far (learning policies, resources and methodologies) and also to define the new Learning Strategy for the coming years.

We are totally open to listen and bring innovative insights, including new voices and perspectives. We are also keen to continue building in a collective way: the localizing of global agendas and the peer to peer local learning.

Here you can find more information about the IV Learning Forum, and more about our methodologies and cooperation with universities.

See you on the UCLG Learning Forum!

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