UCLG Learning PROVIDE the opportunity to explore the challenges cities face as a learning network and link learning to decentralized cooperation. 

On the contrary to the academic field, cities and local and regional governments have the need for practical solutions to fulfill the citizen’s demand.  In this regards, sub-national governments are strong partners and supporters regardless of their development stage. Therefore, learning cannot be conducted alone but has to be part of partnerships with other authorities, academies, associations, international organizations and even private actors. The key elements for learning: work with good strategies, have quality facilitation and build partnerships.

Built on the challenges and positive experiences accumulated by our members and partners, the UCLG learning agenda offers a platform where new ideas and methodologies can be tested, and where learning themes are developed, addressing the concrete interest of our members. It will serve to share and disseminate the experiences and knowledge for the capacity building which finally leads to the cooperation between our members and partners.
The UCLG Learning Forum that has been facilitated by the WS during the last 3 years, has been important to understand our complex membership structures and effort, to open room to acknowledge learning and cooperation methodologies and programs and to bring members and partners together working around local problems and challenges. UCLG as a whole is becoming closer to play a role as network of networks. In 2017 the IV forum was scheduled, and looked into the link between learning and cooperation, spillover effect of City to City cooperation in the networks, emphasizing on lifelong learning.

The action learning agenda 2017 and 18

The action will put the regional secretariats in the center and support their key members attracting members and partners to understand cooperate on their reality. Committees and partners are called to support conceptually and with follow up the action core activities that will contain well designed workshops in the regions and foster capacity and evidence building on the urban agenda and the SDG, in particular addressing SDG.

The inspirations and answers to the challenges of thefaced by cities are increasingly looked for in other municipalities, so mutual learning, exchange of practices, monitoring and benchmarking provide options to formulate realistic visions, accelerate and outreach knowledge into existing and future structures, and shortcut lessons for (urban) development. 

In this webpage, the various methodologies in learning are introduced. It is based on the interviews of the partner organizations carrying out learning activities between cities, which will inspire the readers in organizing future learning cooperation.  Moreover, it provides the profile of our learning members to enable a further possible cooperation with them in terms of learning. In the coming years, Cooperation with UCLG priority thematic areas will be ensured, by involving the UCLG committees and the regional sections, that have suggested enlarging concrete learning opportunities to their growing membership. 



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