About us

UCLG Learning deals with the contemporary challenges faced by cities and regions and promotes decentralized cooperation to boost sustainable development

Cities and all other local and regional governments a require practical solutions to fulfill the needs of citizens. Learning cannot be conducted alone but has to be in collaboration with other authorities, academies, associations, international organizations and even private actors. For us learning means working with good strategies, having quality facilitation and building partnerships. To this purpose, local and regional governments are strong partners and supporters, regardless of their development stage.

Building on the challenges and positive experiences accumulated by our members and partners, the UCLG Learning agenda offers a platform where new ideas and methodologies can be tested, and where learning themes are developed, addressing the concrete interests of our members. It will serve to share and disseminate experiences and knowledge for capacity building, which ultimately leads to cooperation between our members and partners.

UCLG Learning forms part of the UCLG World Secretariat based in Barcelona, Spain. Our team is formed by members from different cultural and professional backgrounds who are passionate about decentralized cooperation.

We are proud to present on this website our learning methodologies and activities with cities and regions. If our philosophy or one of our activities particularly arouses your interest, we are always glad to hear from you, irrespective of whether you are one of our longstanding members or a first-time visitor.